Saturday, 31 January 2015

Default Replacement Thumbnails

Hey everyone! I have a little bit of a mod for my content for you. It is purely optional of course and will help you tell my stuff apart from standard content. It is default replacement thumbnails! I made these because EA removed the one way I used to distinguish my CAS CC and my object recolours really needed something to help them stand out. This was more for me, but since I am happy with them now, I thought I would share. There are 2 package files, one for CAS items, and one for object recolours.

How to use these default replacement thumbnails:
  1. download the package file(s)
  2. put in your mods folder just like any other custom content
  3. go to My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4
  4. find the file called "localthumbcache"
  5. delete it
When you start up the game next, the custom thumbnails will show up for all content I have previously released. All future content I will be adding custom thumbnails which will be included in the package file. This method is just easier so I don't need to re-release my content again with the thumbnails.

Download CAS Thumbnails:

Download Object Thumbnails:


  1. Wassup..I love the mod but I deleted it because some CC's thumbnail wont show up so Im having a hard time choosing stuff. When I deleted it it still shows up in the game. HELP

    1. double check you have definitely deleted the package files (i think there were a few included) and delete your thumbnail cache file in the my documents folder. Reload the game to see if that worked.

  2. When I delete my localthumbcache It always comes back

    1. You must still have a copy in your mods folder then. You are going to have to sort through it and find the file.