Sunday, 28 December 2014

Deleted: Feel That Fabric Sofa Set

This set is no longer supported after toddler update, it has therefore been removed from mediafire and Onedrive.

These sofas were going to be a part of my followers gift, but I held them back due to a shadow glitch caused by the cloning process. It was a shame, but I hate releasing stuff with bugs and it was a major one. With the latest update of S4S, it fixed that bug and I can share these gorgeous sofas with you. I loved the base sofas, but I really love fabric and knew it improve the overall atheistic. So I went about making them, all 20 styles. I did come across one imperfection I have no control over. The love seat and armchair UV maps are halved to save space. That means the pattern is mirrored either side of a cental line. I don't find it that obvious and is not something I can change, however you need to know.

The Build/Buy items feature:
  • basegame compatibility
  • non-default
  • 20 fabric variations in a variety of colours
  • Each seat's 20 styles are under one icon
  • 3 seater costs $290, love seat costs $180, and the armchair costs $150
The archive contains the  package files for the 3 seater, loveseat, and armchair as well as the cover image. Just place in your mods folder and look for them in your game. I hope you enjoy.

Mediafire | Onedrive


  1. Thank you very much for the matches, love the fabric choices too. Excellent!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you

  3. You have such a beautiful game and style, I love everything. Thank you!

  4. thank you! i really want this styles stuffs! it was awesome, love that! honestly, thank you so much!

  5. You have amazing style! Thank you for the beautiful downloads.