Saturday, 4 October 2014

Buckled Up Jeans For TS4

Yay! My first TS4 clothing creation! Well, its not new as in a new frankenmesh, but it is a standalone retexture I have made. I really love jeans, but the basegame versions aren't very textured so I changed that. These use a real and sims texture combined to give a  unique look that hopefully your sims love.

These jeans are:
  • basegame compatible
  • non-default
  • standalone item in CAS
  • 12 colour variations
  • custom swatches
Do note, the higher your settings for sim rendering, the clearer the texture will appear. I took my in-game pictures on the highest possible settings for sim textures and with the "uncompressed sim textures" ticked. These settings give the best possible clarity to textures. If these are blurry, its due to individual game settings just like TS3.



  1. I saw it in your tumblr. I loved it.

  2. So happy you're back <3

  3. Theses are so cool. They look like jeans a game character would wear (if that makes sense) really liking how these look. Thank you.

  4. Love them! Thanks!!