Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Just My Average Life: Back from hiatus

Although I have only just started posting my comic here on my blog, JMAL has been on hiatus for two months. This was partly due to my university commitments and a lack of inspiration. However I have been inspired to come back to it and will have a few new comics to post over the coming weeks. I have added all the old comics here for your viewing pleasure (21 of them so you know how many you need to read), and will be adding new comics every Wednesday and Saturday at 12pm ( I am in the GMT +8 timezone, so for Europe this is early in the morning when no one should be up (that's too damn early!) and for the US this will be Tuesday and Friday night). But as I have stated, this is part-time but I will try to keep you all updated on Chase's and Valen's exploits. There is a few twists coming up so stay tuned.


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