Saturday, 8 June 2013

Grace De Luca: SIFF Band Competition - Fall 2013

Introducing Grace De Luca, my entry into SIFF's bi-annual Band Challenge. Head here to check it out.

Solo Performer

Biography: Grace De Luca, born in Southampton, New York first discovered her talent for singing in her school choir and the tender age of 10. Convincing her parents to embrace her passion for singing, they enlisted voice coaches when she reached 16 to hone her voice to become the powerhouse she is today. At 18 she ventured out into the world to start perusing her goal of becoming a world recognised singer. Finding her comfort zone is clubs and fusion lounges, she became enamoured with the club singers of yesteryear and the glamour the exuded. Finding her niche she started getting regular contracts from hip and well known clubs around the country. Breaking into the big time has proven harder then she imagined, but not willing to let her career stagnate she has entered SIFF 2013 to help her expose herself to a wider audience. She is not consumed by winning but here for the experience, but she will give it her best. With the help of her childhood friends, Valen and Chase Michaels acting as her business and PR representatives, she is stepping out of her comfort zone to push herself into the next phase of her life. So expect great things from this club veteran, as being a novice in matters of self promotion and producing music videos will not hold her back. Her determination, along with her passion will help her reach out and grab the shining star she has yearned after for so long, you can guarantee she will put on the performance of her life. 

You can check out her facebook page here.

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