Saturday, 17 January 2015

Rambler Leather Jacket

Who doesn't like leather jackets? Well if you don't, I think you are reading the wrong post. Those of you left, do you like them as an outfit only? I know I don't. So I separated the leather jacket from the biker outfit and went about giving it a bit of a retexture, mesh edit and more colours. This is the end result and know I couldn't be happier.

The clothing item features:
  • basegame compatibility
  • Non-default
  • 10 colour options
  • available for teen to adult men
  • found by default under the jacket filter
  • can be found by default in everyday category (but can be used in other categories by removing the filter in CAS)
There is a bug that I need to forewarn you about. Once this jacket is on a sim and you reselect the torso, the game will redirect you to the outfit category of clothing. This probably has to do with extra mesh data that cannot currently be fixed. Its just a usability issue, so just select the top icon to take you back to where the jacket is. 

The archive contains the package file and the image of the styles included. Just extract the archive and drop the package file in your mods folder and it will show up :)



  1. Oh this jacket has such a great silhouette and will be perfect for Outdoor Retreat play. Love all of the color options as well! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Replies
    1. Even if I did make female clothing (which I don't), the bone reassignment needed would not be possible due to the complexity of the process. The tools required to do that are still in their infancy, so male to female conversions are just not possible right now.

  3. Would it be okay if I make ccs based on this item and post them on my blog with your name and link credited?

    1. as long as the credit and link to the original creation are included in the post, yes you can. And yes, I moderate the comments, mainly to weed out spam

    2. Thank you. I really needed someone to convert the biker jacket from clothing body to top. By awkward I meant myself who posted multiple comments without knowing about moderation. I totally understand that you do so.

  4. Really decent work. Thanks for sharing. It is really hard to come across well designed male outfits.