Saturday, 11 October 2014

I Still Like Short Shorts - TS4 bottoms for Men

 Here is my second attempt at retexturing some sims 4 clothing and this is what I came up with. At the time I started these, I didn't know pools were coming out at the time I started these, but i think they will make awesome swimming trunks for the guys. I started off with the short shorts Maxis gave us, lowered the waste line and gave it a new texture, shadow map (which was annoying) and normal map. I then went overboard and created 30 variations because I have no self-control. Anyway, i hope you enjoy them as much as me :)

These shorts are:
  • basegame compatible
  • for teens to adults (i didn't enable for elders, that would be wrong on so many levels)
  • 30 styles with 6 themed sets
  • custom swatches
  • found in everyday, sleepwear, athletic and swimming (Colour Magic gave me the option, so the category must have been enabled in the game coding from release day)
The archive contains the package file and styles image. Extract and place the package file in your mods folder. I hope you enjoy



  1. I love them - thank you so much!

  2. Love it!!
    Can't wear in a bathing suit?

    1. I need to check this bug out for myself. It may be due to a change in the CAS flags and may lead to a re-release